The Place – Foisorul de Foc

Strada Vasile Vasilievici Stroescu, Bucuresti Ilfov, Bucuresti, Central, Ferdinand, Foisorul de Foc

The Love-fire Tower is a residential concept boutique that combines quality with affordable prices.

The Love-fire Tower is located in the Centre of Bucharest, in the Turret fire, Vasile Vasilievich Sai nr. 11, enjoying easy access to the University and to the recreation and leisure: the old city, the area that is today the point 0 of the fun. With over 100 locations what to expect on a daily basis.

Residential complex comprises 12 apartments, design fine segregated, all featuring underground parking, lift, private gardens and generous terraces on the ground floor at intermediate regime Project stands out through the small height, fact that integrates rather luxurious houses architecture and exclude from tall structures block, and provides an extra touch of intimacy, tranquility and comfort

Bogdan Iliescu

Associate - Residential

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